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Famous Dutch Painters from Dordrecht, Ancient Capital of Holland

Part 8

14. Dionys van Dongen
15. Jan Doudijn
16. Isaac van Duynen
17. Adriaen van Eemont
18. Peter Fontyn


Note : Please do not email me with technical questions about paintings and their age and origin because I am not an expert but I only have gathered information about the Painters from the Netherlands and specially from Dordrecht.

Dordrecht is not only known as the oldest city and ancient capital of Holland but also for the many famous painters who were born or lived in Dordrecht during the late Middle ages and later centuries.

On the next pages you can find many works from these famous painters who were responsible for many styles of paintings and they immortalized the daily life and landscapes in the 15th to 19th century. Most of their masterpieces are nowadays part of collections in museums all over the world and of which many can be seen in the local Dordrechts Museum.

Dionys van Dongen
Dordrecht 1748 - Rotterdam 1819

Dionys van Dongen was born at Dordrecht in 1748. There is no information on him in the records but the only thing we know is that he died at Rotterdam in 1819.



Dionys van Dongen c. 1797
Oil on oak panel 40.3 x 37.4 cm
Wallace collection, London


A landscape with Shepherdesses bathing

Dionys van Dongen, 1775
Oil on Panel 21.2 x 29.7 cm
Private collection


A Dutch man-of war and small-ships off a coastline, with fishermen and a beached fishing boat on an outcrop

Dionys van Dongen, 1775
Oil on Panel 49 x 64,5 cm
Private collection


Three cows resting in a wooded landscape

Dionys van Dongen
Oil on panel 39.4 x 48.3 cm. a pair (2)
Private collection

Sailing vessels in the distance; and three bulls in a stormy landscape, a town in the distance


A Dutch yacht and a rowing boat in choppy waters, other shipping beyond

Dionys van Dongen
Oil on panel 32.3 x 40.4cm
Private collection

Jan Doudijn
Dordrecht 1535 - Dordrecht 1585

Jan Doudijn got his education probably in Antwerp before he became a painter in Dordrecht from 1560 until 1585. The earliest mention of his name stems from 1560 when the Dordtse mint-masters paid him to make a group portret.

From 1564 another account is known of the mint-masters for a picture. Also is known that he made a stand-in portrait of Jacob Hallincq and his wife. From 1574 the books of the Saint Lucasgilde have survived, in which Doudijn is mentioned. The ledger of 1585 reports his funeral.


Fire of the Nieuwe Kerk (New church) at Dordrecht in 1568

Jan Doudijn, 1568
Oil on canvas 96,5 x 133,5 cm
Dordrechts museum

Likely Doudijn made this picture by order of Adrian of Bleijenburg, lord of Zwijndrecht. In the time that the fire broke out, he was the Schout (sheriff) of Dordrecht. The church was lost but the surrounding areas were spared.


Portrait of Dirck van Nuyssenborgh and Margaretha van Nuyssenborgh

Jan Jacobsz. Doudijn
oil on panel 63.8 x 53.6 cm
Private collection

Dirck van Nuyssenborgh (?-1566), half length, wearing black costume with black cape, lace shirt and hat, holding a sword and Portrait of Margaretha van Nuyssenborgh, née van der Merwede, Vrouwe van Zuydewijn-Capelle (1525-1593), half length, wearing a red silk dress, lace chemise, black bodice and fur wrap, and a gold chain around her waist, both inscribed with the sitters' coats-of-arms. The present unpublished works are rare examples of early Dutch 16th Century portraiture and have never been offered on the market before, as they have remained in the family, since their execution. They were probably painted on the occasion of the sitters' marriage in 1544, as Margaretha van der Merwede is likely to be 19 years old. Her husband Dirk van Nuyssenborgh was member of the Dordrecht city council and treasurer. As the sitters were citizens of Dordrecht, Jan Jacobsz. Doudijn, active from at least 1560-1585, may have executed these portraits.

Isaac van Duynen
Dordrecht 1628 - The Hague after 1677

Van Duijnen was born in Dordrecht as son of a fish marketeer. The sale of river fish was in the 17de century one of the main economic activities of Dordrecht. He was already as a boy fettered by the enormous amounts of fish on the Dordtse fish-market. He was already early in the opportunity to closely study different types of fish.

It is not unthinkable that van Duijnen was a apprentice of Jacob Gerritsz. Cuyp (1594-1652). Cuyp has painted also fishes, as for example to see is it on picture 'The fishmarket'. Van Duijnen painted not only fishes, he was also familiar with silent lives with vegetable and fruit.


Fish still-life

Isaac van Duijnen
Oil on canvas 105,3 x 139,5 cm
Dordrechts museum


Woman as fish seller

Isaac van Duynen
Oil on Canvas 88.5 x 75 cm
Private collection


A still life with shrimp, grapes, cherries, peaches and a glass goblet on a partially covered table

Isaac van Duynen
Oil on Panel 38.1 x 34 cm
Private collection


Sturgeon, lobster, turbot, salmon, oysters, plaice and haddock on a stone ledge

Isaac van Duynen
Oil on canvas 102.8 x 129.7 cm
Private collection

Adriaen van Eemont
Dordrecht, 1627 - Dordrecht 1662

Adriaen of Eemont paints chiefly farm scenes like the brothers Isaack and Adriaen van Ostade. He painted also landscapes after he together with the scenic painter Frederick de Moucheron travelled to France and Italy in 1654-56.


Figures in a stable

Adriaen van Eenmont
Oil on panel 26 x 33,4 cm
Dordrechts museum


Mountain landscape with peasants

Adriaen van Eemont
Oil on canvas 54 x 65 cm
Private collection


Tomb of the Plantii on the River Anio, near Rome with peasants on a bridge

Adriaen van Eemont
Oil on Panel 46,7 x 65,9 cm
Private collection

Pieter Fontijn
Dordrecht 1773 - Dordrecht 1839

Pietsser Fontijn focused mainly on creating portraits and in houses with human figures. He also painted miniatures. His drawings were popular and were sought by collectors. Like many painters of Dordrecht was Fontijn member of the painters societssy Pictura.


De novice-violist

Pietsser Fontijn
Oil on panel 59,5 x 59,2 cm
Dordrechts Museum


Love advise

Pietsser Fontijn, 1820
Oil on panel, 39,5 x 33,2 cm
Dordrechts Museum


A shoemaker and a cobbler at work

Pietsser Fontijn, 1824
Oil on panel 36.1 x 29.5 cm
Private collection

A lady is reading a letter nearby.


A couple in an inn making music, a woman listening in the doorway

Pietsser Fontijn
Oil on panel 35.9 x 27.4 cm
Private collection

Fontijn- Small-child-in-high-chair

A small child in a kitchen interior

Pietsser Fontijn
Oil on panel 36.3 x 29.8 cm
Private collection

The child is sitting in a high chair with a servant cleaning vegetables seated nearby.


A small child, a man and a dog in an interior

Pietsser Fontijn, 1823
Oil on panel 43.7 x 36.2 cm a pair (2)
Private collection

A young mother seated next to a cradle in an interior listening to an old man at an open window nearby the first signed and dated 'P. Fontijn 1823' and inscibed 'Wie een mooie kat in huis heeft past op den Bontwerker' (upper centre); the second signed and dated 'P. Fontijn Maart 1823', and inscribed 'Die met een jong wijf is bezogd En een bouwvallig huis, Heeft nooit gedaan, er is altoos togt Maar zelden kragt naar kruis'.

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