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Famous Dutch Painters from Dordrecht, Ancient Capital of Holland

Part 21

52. Martinus Schouman
53. Gilles Smak Gregoor 


Note : Please do not email me with technical questions about paintings and their age and origin because I am not an expert but I only have gathered information about the Painters from the Netherlands and specially from Dordrecht.

Dordrecht is not only known as the oldest city and ancient capital of Holland but also for the many famous painters who were born or lived in Dordrecht during the late Middle ages and later centuries.

On the next pages you can find many works from these famous painters who were responsible for many styles of paintings and they immortalized the daily life and landscapes in the 15th to 19th century. Most of their masterpieces are nowadays part of collections in museums all over the world and of which many can be seen in the local Dordrechts Museum.

Martinus Schouman

Dordrecht 1770 - Breda 1848

Martinus Schouman was the son of a skipper. After several lessons with Michael Versteegh he became a pupil of his famous old uncle Aert Schouman in The Hague. Inspired by the profession of his father, he had a remarkable knowledge of ships and sea conditions and used it in his seascapes.

After a few years he settled as marine-painter in Dordrecht, a city surrounded by water, he developed into a celebrated marine painter, and he led a number of students, including the gifted Johannes Christiaan Schotel. He received several awards during his life and he also sold a painting to King Louis Napoleon. He painted a few historical subjects, such as The Dutch battle at Boulogne in 1809 and the bombardment of Algiers in 1816.

 With Johannes Christiaan Schotel he painted several historical seascapes. He also took an active part in the exhibition of arts and life of Dordrecht and was a member of the societssy Pictura. In 1839 his son Izak became a signing-teacher at the KMA in Breda he also moved to this city. There he painted for nine more years before he died.


The last shot fired from Dordrecht to the French at Papendrecht

Martinus Schouman
Oil on canvas on panel 71,8 x 93,5 cm
Dordrechts museum


River View with ships at Dordrecht

Martinus Schouman
Oil on canvas on panel 46,3 x 56,1 cm
Dordrechts museum

Martinus Schouman was the son of a skipper and apprenticed to his old uncle Aart Schouman to become a painter. Inspired by the profession of his father, he specialized in painting ships, sea and river views. He received several awards during his life and he also sold a painting to King Louis Napoleon. 
J.C. Schotel was his main student.

Right in the foreground of this painting can be seen a "beurtschip" of Rotterdam.


Sea view with emerging storm

Martinus Schouman 1809
Oil on panel 59,2 x 83,3 cm
Dordrechts museum


Riverview at Dordrecht with the ruins of castle "Te Merwede".

Martinus Schouman
Oil on canvas on panel 73 x 95 cm
Dordrechts museum


Riverview by rainy weather

Martinus Schouman
Pen in brown, brush and gray 26 x 34,8 cm
Dordrechts museum


Sea scene with sailing boats

Martinus Schouman 1805
Aquarelle 48 x 64 cm
Dordrechts museum


A still water with a saluting Yacht

Martinus Schouman and Johannes Christiaan Schotel
Oil on panel
Museum Mr. Simon van Gijn, Dordrecht

Martinus Schouman painted the river scene, while Johannes Christiaan Schotel painted the upholstery.


Kof-ship and Frigate on wild sea

Martinus Schouman
Oil on canvas 72 x 98,5 cm
Private collection


The bombing of Algiers in support of the ultimatum for the release of white slaves, 26-27 August 1816

Martinus Schouman, 1823
Oil on canvas 95 × 159.5 cm
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Dutch and English fleets meet during the trip to Boulogne, 1805

Martinus Schouman, 1806
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The explosion of gunboat nr. 2 under command of Jan van Speijk, Antwerp, february 5, 1831

Martinus Schouman, 1832
Oil on canvas 53 x 75 cm
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

In 1830, the Catholic Belgians, since 1815 united with The Netherlands in one State, came in rebellion against the Protestant King William I. On February 5, 1831, a Dutch gunboat was blown in a storm to the shore in the river Scheldt at Antwerp.

To prevent the ship would fall in the hands of the Belgians, Commander van Speyk blew it. Almost all crew on board and an unknown number of Belgians found death.


 Sailing in choppy waters

Martinus Schouman, 1817
Oil on panel 70 x 90 cm
Private collection

The English flagship "Venerable" engaging the Dutch flagship "Vrijheid"

Martinus Schouman
Oil on Canvas 81.3 x 118.2 cm
Private collection

Portrayed is the Battle of Camperdown, 11th October 1797, the Dutch ships "Staten-Generaal" and "Admiral de Vries" to the left and right.


On stormy sea

Martinus Schouman
Oil on canvas 72 x 99 cm
Private collection


Shipping in a Stormy Sea

Martinus Schouman
Watercolor 14 x 21 cm
Private collection

Gilles Smak Gregoor

Dordrecht 1770 - Dordrecht 1843

Gillis Smak-Gregoor was born in Dordrecht January 10 1770,  he was the son of Dina Schotel and Servaas Smak. He received lessons in drawing and painting from the brothers Abraham and Jacob van Strij, while the interest of M. Versteeg and Willem van Leen, both deservingly artists. His paintings can be found inside and outside his Country. He died in Dordrecht on December 3 1843.


Landscape with cattle, left in the background the villa Weizigt at Dordrecht

Smak Gregoor, Gilles
Oil on canvas 127 x 170 cm
Dordrechts museum


Landscape with two cows at the ruins of the Abbey of Rijnsburg

Smak Gregoor, Gilles
Black chalk, brush and brown 54,4 x 79,9 cm
Dordrechts museum


Landscape with a farm girl and cattle

Smak Gregoor, Gilles
Pen in brown, brush and gray 18,4 x 25,5 cm
Dordrechts museum


Landscape with cattle and sleeping peasant at the ruins of the Abbey of Rijnsburg

Smak Gregoor, Gilles
Black chalk, brush and brown 44 x 59,8 cm
Dordrechts museum


A pastoral landscape with a milkmaid and livestock outside a farm house

Gillis Smak Gregoor
Oil on Panel 52.8 x 69 cm
Private collection


A wooded landscape with a horseman taking refreshment at a farmhouse, sheep and cattle by a pond in the foreground

Gillis Smak Gregoor
Oil on Canvas 72,5 x 95 cm
Private collection


A traveler conversing with a milkmaid in a farmyard, in summer

Gillis Smak Gregoor
Oil on panel 45,9 x 48,3 cm
Private collection


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