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Famous Dutch Painters from Dordrecht, Ancient Capital of Holland

Part 9

19. Aert de Gelder
20. Pieter Hofmann


Note : Please do not email me with technical questions about paintings and their age and origin because I am not an expert but I only have gathered information about the Painters from the Netherlands and specially from Dordrecht.

Dordrecht is not only known as the oldest city and ancient capital of Holland but also for the many famous painters who were born or lived in Dordrecht during the late Middle ages and later centuries.

On the next pages you can find many works from these famous painters who were responsible for many styles of paintings and they immortalized the daily life and landscapes in the 15th to 19th century. Most of their masterpieces are nowadays part of collections in museums all over the world and of which many can be seen in the local Dordrechts Museum.

Aert de Gelder

Dordrecht 1645 - Dordrecht 1727

Dutch painter, active mainly in his native Dordrecht. After studying there with Hoogstraten, he became one of Rembrandt's last pupils in Amsterdam. He was not only one of the most talented of Rembrandt's pupils, but also one of his most devoted followers, for he was the only Dutch artist to continue working in his style into the 18th century.

His religious paintings, in particular, with their imaginative boldness and preference for oriental types, are very much in the master's spirit, although de Gelder often used colors--such as lilac and lemon yellow--that were untypical of Rembrandt, and his palette was in general lighter. One of his best-known works, Jacob's Dream (Dulwich College Picture Gallery, London), was long attributed to Rembrandt.

Aert de Gelder, a native of Dordrecht, was Rembrandt's last pupil. He worked in his studio in Amsterdam in the 1660s before returning to Dordrecht. De Gelder's style, with its loose and fluid brushstrokes and muted palette, remained remarkably close to Rembrandt's late style, while the general taste at the time favored a Flemish-influenced more colorful and tightly executed manner of painting.

Esther, Ahasveros and Haman

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 105 x 150 cm
Dordrechts museum

Of all biblical figures queen Esther was most preferably for Aert de Gelder. Probably 17 pictures devoted de Gelder to this Jewish heroine, who by her brave performance at the court of the Persian king Ahasveros saved her people. Thanks to Mordechai, the plans of Haman, who wanted to eradicate the Jews, timely drained. The refined exposure and the means of pictorials - with paintbrush, knife and paintbrush he painted in the spirit of his master Rembrandt.

Feminine allegoric figure

Aert de Gelder, 1700/10
Oil on canvas 86 x 69,2 cm
Dordrechts museum

This picture became for a long time seen as pendant of a portrait of Hendrik Noteman. The painting is supposedly a lump of a bigger picture that in a auction in 1785 occurred as 'The Freedom' The work of the Dordrechts Museum does not seem anyhow meant as a portrait. The staff in the hand of the woman and her outfit indicate previously in the tendency of an allegoric figure.

Portrait of the sculptor Henrdrik Noteman

Aert de Gelder,  1698
Oil on panel 85,4 x 69, 2 cm
Dordrechts museum

The sculptor Hendrik Noteman retains a hammer in the one hand and a chisel in the other. On the background of picture a piece of work is seen, made of stone hewed or molded head.

King David

Aert de Gelder
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Ernestus van Beveren (1660-1722)

Aert de Gelder, 1685
Oil n canvas 128 x 105 cm
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Ernestus van Bevren was twenty-five years old when Arent de Gelder painted him, just beginning his career. At this time, Van Beveren had already gained a degree in law from the University of Anjou. This indicates that, in his youth, he had made a 'grand tour' In the 17th century a fashion emerged among the wealthy to round off a young persn's education with a long journey. This Grand Tour would usually be undertaken with a tutor, past the various sights of Europe. Invariably, the tour would lead to Italy, where the stay might stretch for months, if not years. Ernest van Beveren is wearing a heavy black robe trimmed with gold embroidery over a tunic. Van Beveren is resting one hand on the table while the other is held out as though he were giving a speech. He became Lord of West-IJsselmonde and the Lindt. He became  a prominent citizen of Dordrecht, serving as alderman and for a short time burgomaster of Dordrecht

Judah and Tamar

Aert de Gelder, c. 1700
Oil on canvas 80 x 97 cm
Mauritshuis, The Hague

This painting shows the moment when Tamar demands the pledges from Judah. Old Testament stories were popular subjects for paintings in 17th-century Holland and contemporary viewers would have immediately recognised the source for this picture.

Simeon's Song of Praise

Aert de Gelder, c. 1700
Oil on canvas
Mauritshuis, The Hague

The forecourt of the Temple

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 70,7 x 91 cm
Mauritshuis, The Hague

Portrait of a Young Woman

Aert de Gelder, c.1680-1700
Oil on canvas 80 x 64 cm
The Wallece collection, London

Self-Portrait at an Easel Painting an Old Woman

Aert de Gelder, 1685
Oil on canvas
Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt

On the Way to Golgotha

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 72 × 60 cm
Staatsgalerie Aschaffenburg Germany

The Jewish Bride (Esther Bedecked)

Aert de Gelder, 1684
Oil on canvas
Alte Pinakothek, Munich

Gelder-Esther-and -Mordochai
Esther and Mordochai

Aert de Gelder, 1685
Oil on canvas, 93 x 148,5 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest


Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas, 79 x 64 cm
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg Russia

De Gelder is holding an etching by Rembrandt in his hands.

Portrait of Gérard de Lairesse

Aert de Gelder, 1665-67
Oil on canvas, 113 x 88 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Ahimelech Giving the Sword of Goliath to David

Aert de Gelder, 1680s
Oil on canvas, 90 x 132 cm
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Rest on the Flight to Egypt

Aert de Gelder, c. 1690
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The "Rest on the Flight to Egypt" is an old subject for paintings, going back to the middle ages. It illustrates Matthew 2:12-14: And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own Country another way. And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him. When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt.

Schoolmaster with his Pupils

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 101.0 x 127.6 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The influence of Rembrandt, de Gelder's teacher, is apparent in the artist's expressionistic handling of paint and interest in the depiction of age and knowledge. However, de Gelder has expanded Rembrandt's color palette and given additional emphasis to the specific gestures and poses of his figures. Note how the students bend intently over their writing desks, and the schoolmaster braces a shaking left hand against his cane.

Portrait of a Boy

Aert de Gelder, c. 1700
Oil on canvas, 57 x 47 cm
Private collection

Esther at her toilet

Aert de Gelder
Oil on Canva 110 x 123 cm
Private collection

The Archangel Raphael

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 53 x 43 cm
Private collection

Joseph weeping in his room, his brothers beyond

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 131.1 x 103.5 cm a pair (2)
Private collection

Old Woman at Prayer

Aert de Gelder
Oil on canvas 90,5 x 78,5 cm
Private collection

Pieter Hofmann

Dordrecht 1755 - Dordrecht 1837

Hofman was born in Dordrecht, no information of him is available, only that he made several beautiful paintings.

A military encampment on the Campus Martius before the Ponte Molle, Mount Soracte

Pieter Hofman
Oil on Canvas 228.6 x 308 cm
Private collection


Pieter Hofman
Oil on Canvas 100.5 x 152.5 cm
Private collection

Landscape with Farmer house

Pieter Hofman
Oil on panel  37.5 x 48.5 cm
Private collection


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